Adriana in the graphic novel

Adriana Lopez is the principal of the Engelsfors school, a witch with the element of fire, and a member of the council. 



Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Dark
Carnation LLight
Element Fire

Unnamed parents, Alexander Ehrienskold (brother), Victor Ehrienskold (adopted nephew)

Simon (lover/deceased)


Adriana was born into an old, magical family which was in a high place in the council's hierarchy. Since childhood, she was a rather weak witch, what made her parents embarassed of her. Adriana would live in the shadow of her talented older brother, Alexander.

At the age of nineteen she fell in love with a warlock called Simon. The two of them wanted to rebel against the council and run away. Simon was ment to wait for her in Denmark, but was caught in Stockholm and sentenced to death, whilst Adriana was forced to witness it. 

Due to her mother, Adriana's fate wasn't as tragic. She swore loyalty to the council, and her brother would burn a scar across her neck, shaped like a flame, in order to punish her.

Before coming to Engelsfors, she investigating the myth of the Chosen One and the apocalypse, even though no one in the council would believe her.


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Appearance and CharacterEdit

There isn't much said about Adriana's appearance. She is possibly in her forties. She usually wears elegant uniforms which cover most of her body, including a flame-shaped scar on her neck.