Anna Karin Nieminen (born 1994) is the only daughter of Mia Nieminen and an unknown man. She is one of the chosen ones and posseses the element of earth. She is of Finnish ancestry.


Anna-Karin has been raised by a single mother, who didn't give her much attention, due to her depression, however she had a tight bond with her grandfather. 


Human (formerly)


Gender Female
Status Alive
Eyes Green
Hair Long, probably brown
Carnation LLight
Element Earth

Unnamed father (father) Mia Nieminen (mother), grandfather, Gerda Nieminen (grandmother)

Minoo Falk-Karimi (Friend) 

Jari (crush)




After selling her grandfather's farm, Anna-Karin and her mother move to a flat in the town's center. 

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Anna Karin has long, dark hair, and bright green eyes. She has been suffering from body issues problems, and feels best in loose, sporty clothes. She is overweight with large breasts, of which she is ashamed of.

She is shy, and likes animals. Her familiar is a fox she encountered at the forest. 

Anna-Karin in the graphic novel

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