Elias Malmgren (born 1994, died 2011) was one of the Chosen Ones with the element of wood. He was the only son of Helena and Krister Malmgren, and the best friend of Linnea Wallin, who he consider a sister in all but blood. 


His ability would have been shapeshifting. Prior to his death he did noticed that his face was changing, but he thought that he was going mad and took a drug to get rid of the fear. Max Rosenquist used his mind-control power to force Elias to commit suicide and stole his soul to gain his power. Max used shapeshifting to make himself appear like Gustav, when he murdered Rebecka. Elias' last thought was of Linnea. His death affected Linnea.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

In the movie he was portrayed by Gustav Lindh.

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Human (formerly)


Gender Male
Status Deceased (Circle)
Hair Light brown, dyed black
Carnation LLight
Element Wood

Krister Malmgren - father (deceased)

Helena Malmgren - mother (deceased)

Linnea Wallin - best friend

Olivia Henrikkson - friend

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