Gustaf in the graphic novel

Gustaf Ahlander has been Rebecka's boyfriend, and a friend of Minoo's. He is lusted by half of the girls at school. 


In Circle, he is Rebecka's boyfriend. The two of them love each other very much, and seems to blame himself over her 'suicide'. The Chosen Ones suspect him for being guilty of her death and Minoo gives him a truth-telling potion. It is revealed that it has been Max, who disguised himself as Gustaf.



Gender Male
Status Alive

G (by Ida)


Lage Ahlander (father), unnamed mother, siblings

Rebecka (girlfriend/deceased)


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Appearance and CharacterEdit

Gustaf's appearance isn't closely described, however he is good looking, due to playing football in the school's team. In the graphic novel, he is depicted as a muscular boy with blonde hair and sharp facial features. 

He is very kind, non judgemental and shows disgust over people who say bad things about Elias's death.