Helena Malmgren (died 2012) is the mother of Elias Malmgren, and the wife of Krister Malmgren. Prior to the events of Circle, she was a local preacher.


Human (formerly)

Gender Female
Status Deceased (as of Fire)
Hair Red
Carnation LLight

Elias Malmgren - son (deceased)

Krister Malmgren - husband (deceased)


Before her son's death, Helena was the local preacher in Engelsfors. Her family must have been well-off and influential, since they could force the local school to fire out teachers they thought were the cause of Elias's problems.

Helena and her husband wouldn't give much attention to their son. They weren't very fond of him, and were ashamed of the fact that the son of their friends, Erik, bullied their son at school. Helena would also blame his best friend, Linnea. 


 As of Fire, she is the leader of the Postivitive Engelsfors, and cooperates with sinister forces to murder people 'responsible' for her son's death. The demons would take the looks of Elias, and haunt her and her husband in their dreams to take revenge on the citizens. Then Helena established Positive Engelsfors to collect the people in one place, and sacrifice them in order to quicken the apocalypse. Olivia Henrikkson would be involved too, and later murdured both Helena and Krister. 

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Helena was described to have red hair. As the member of Positive Engelsfors, she would wear yellow t-shirts.