Ida(born 1994) is one of the three children of Anders Holstrom and Carina Holstrom. She is a member of the circle and specializes in the element of metal. One of Ida's power is to send electric shocks.


Ida grew up in a family of five. From a young age, she became friends with Julia, Felicia Erik, and some others, together they tormented and bullied her fellow circle members Elias and Anna Karin. Her love interest is Gustaf.

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Human (formerly)


Gender Female
Status Deceased (as of Fire)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Carnation LLight
Element Metal

Ander Holstrom (father) Carina Holstrom (mother), Rasmus Holstrom (brother), Lotta Holstrom (sister)

Nicke (ex-stepfather)

Felicia (Friend) Julia  (Friend) Erik (ex-boyfriend), Robin Zetterquist (friend), Kevin (friend), Gustaf Ahlander (love interest)