Matilda was the previous Chosen One, who lived in the



Gender Female
Status Deceased (as of 17'th century)

Nicolaus Elingius (father), Hedvig (mother)

Two deceases siblings

seventeenth century. She often appears to the five girls as a ghost, in order to protect them. 


Matilda was the only child of Nicolaus and his wife, Hedvig. She had two deceased siblings prior to her birth. Matilda shown the signs of great magic in early childhood, and was kept captive,safe from the council. 

One night, when she went to the woods, she lost all her powers in mysterious circumstances, and was discovered by the council, who thought she put the magical community in danger, by revealing her powers to mortals. 

Matilda was executed by burning alive.


Matilda was described as a young girl in white robes, with strawberry blonde hair.