Max used to be the homeroom teacher of Minoo Falk-Karimi and Anna-Karin Nieminen. He was the main antagonist in the first book, blessed by the demons, and a love interest of Minoo Falk-Karimi. 


Gender Male
Status Vegetating
Hair Dark
Carnation LLight

Alive - love interest (deceased), Minoo Falk Karimi (love interest)


Prior to being blessed by the demons, Max used to date with a girl called Alice. When she rejected him, he first revealed his true powers, forcing her to comitt suicide by throwing herself out of the window. He later regretted it, and was promised by the demons, that if he'll destroy all of the Chosen Ones, Alice will be resurrected.


Max moves into Engelsfors as an English teacher. He immedietely becomes the objest of Minoo's affections. Soon after he started work, he forced Elias Malmgren to comitt suicide, using his sinister forces. A couple of months later, he made Rebecka throw herself from the school's roof, and tempted to murder Minoo as well. He was eventually defeated by Minoo, who freed all of the souls he held captive.


Max is said to be lying in hospital, vegetating due to being blessed by the demons, and then defeated by the Chosen Ones. He often appears in Minoo's dreams, telling her that they belong together. 


Max is described to be in his early twenties. He is handsome and has dark hair.