Minoo Falk-Karimi (born 1994) is a former member of the circle, one of the chosen witches. She is a daughter of Erik Falk, an Engelsforsbladet newspaper editor, and Farnaz Karimi who was born in Iran. 


Minoo's family moved to Engelsfors when she was young, however she never fitted in. Her family was well off, living in a big house, and having no economic struggles. Minoo doesn't have any former friends.

In Circle, she has a crush on her homeroom teacher, Max. 



Appearance and CharacterEdit

Minoo is said to have thick, curly black hair, big feet and acne problems.

She says about herself that she has a vacuous kind of style. She wears mostly black and navy blue clothes without any pattern and with long sleeves. Even if she loves the "alternative style", she doesn't have the courage to dress like that.