Olivia Henrikkson (born 1994, died (?) 2012) was an emo, a friend of Linnea and Elias. She is one of the antagonists in Fire, after being blessed by the demons.


Human (formerly)

Gender Female
Status Unknown
Hair Dark, Blue highlights
Carnation LLight

Parents, elder brothers

Elias Malmgren - love interest (deceased) Linnea Wallin - friend 


Olivia has been the friend of Elias and Linnea. It is said she was the youngest of her siblings, and has at least two older brothers who used to treat her like a princess.




In Fire, the demons haunt her in her dreams, disguised as Elias who tells her about his resurrection and taking revenge on the people who bullied him. She was told by Helena and Krister, whom she helped, to kill Linnea, however Olivia preferred to tempt her into joining her, Linnea refuses though. During the fight in the Gym room with Ida, she reveals she loved Elias, and nearly kills Gustaf in revenge. After being defeated by Ida, she is taken by Alexander Ehrienskold from the council. Her later fate is unknown. She is considered missing by her family, who posted the picture of her on the internet.



Appearance and CharacterEdit

Olivia probably has dark hair, with blue highlights and dark eyes. After being blessed by demons, her appearance is more damaged.