Vanessa Dahl
(born 1994) is the only daughter of Jannike Dahl, and the elder sister of Melvin. She is one of the Chosen Ones, and is Linnea Wallins girlfriend. Her element is air, what gives her the ability to be invisible.

Human (formerly)


Gender Female
Status Alive
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde, originally dark
Carnation LLight
Element Air

Nessa (by Wille)


Unnamed father (father) Jannike Dahl  (mother) Melvin (younger half-brother

Nicke (ex-stepfather)

Evelina (Friend) Michelle (Friend) Wille (ex-boyfriend/ as of The Key)

Isaac (ex-boyfriend) Linnea (girlfriend/ as of The Key)







Appearance and CharacterEdit

Vanessa is described as being attractive, with a carnation that easily gets tanned, and long, bleached blonde hair. She always wears lots of make-up. Her eyes are brown.  

Her outfits are revealingly; in "Circle", for example, she wears a lot of hot pants, push-up bras and deep plunging tops.  

She has quite a big group of friends, including Evelina and Michelle, with whom she often parties. 




Vanessa in the Graphic Novel

Wille and Vanessa have been dating for about two years. They sometimes ha

d arguments, due to the fact that Wille's unemploy

ment and slobbery, Vanessa still loved him though. She broke up with him in Fire, when he admitted that he had cheated on her with Elin multiple times. During the spring holidays,

he promised her he'll break up with Elin, but Vanessa notices she doesn't want to be with him anymore. 


Between Vanessa 

and her stepfather there has always been tension, also due to her affiliation to Jonte, a drug dealer, a friend of Wille's. Vanessa genuinely hated him, especially after she caught him cheating on her mother with his fellow friend from the police, Paula.


Linnea and Vanessa have been friends since the first book. She doesn't seem to notice Linnea has a crush on her untill "The Key", where she realises that she has loved her for a long time, without realisong it it. They start dating, break up after Vanessa acuses her of being too rude to Minoo. They get together at the end of "The key"


Isaac and Vanessa had a temporary romance in Fire, during the New Year's eve, shortly after her break up with Wille. Isaac called her multiple times after, however Vanessa told him she didn't want any serious relationships.