Victor Ehrienskold is a water witch, adoptive son of Alexander Ehrienskold. He is nineteen and is a member of the council. 



Gender Male
Status Deceased (as of "The key")
Eyes Bright Blue
Hair Blonde
Carnation LLight
Element Water

Unnamed father, unnamed mother (deceased), Clara-twin sister

Alexander Ehrienskold - adoptive father


Victor Ehrenskiold worked for the Council , but had not yet taken oath . He and his twin sister Clara Ehrenskiold adopted by Alexander Ehrenskiold when they were little . Victor loves his sister and is very worried about her because of her magic. He is in love with Vanessa Dahl , but know that she does not feel the same for him. He is good friends with Minoo Falk Karimi . He will be selected to participate in the Council's Circle , led by Walter Hjorth. And it is also he who kills Victor .


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Appearance and CharacterEdit

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